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The Nature

A Lush Nature ...


Xishuangbanna is home to most of China primary tropical forests, rare and precious plants, animals and birds, trees and impressive waterfalls.

This drawing is an ode to a luxuriant nature, an invitation to immerse yourself in this enchanted world in bamboo forests, dense jungles where you can find Dai bamboo houses perched on a rock at the foot of a waterfall, tropical flowers and still meandering clear water visited by Dai women. Life in the forest is amazing. If you listen carefully enough, you might hear the song of a bird on top of a tree looking at small fishes in the river. Have you noticed those little monkeys hidden? 

In this drawing, peacocks are more discreet, they naturally blend into the beautiful nature and you can hear their song pierces the dense foliage of the forest.  

Luxuriant vegetation, the sound of streams, a flow of fresh air that caresses us, would not it be that?



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