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Awarded a diploma in 2000, at the Ecole Superieur d’Art Graphique (ESAG) in Paris, followed by 15 years experience in illustration and drawing in various sectors (luxury, fashion, textile, branding, cosmetics, tableware), I can build a creative project corresponding to various universes and media, while proposing my personal touch, bound to the journey and to the cultural discovery.

Curious and imaginative, I adapt my designs to all kind of supports: textile, porcelain, paper, etc., and I oversee the execution of the object of everything kicks it: conception of original ideas and creation of drawings, the document retrievals, the development and the coordination of the creation schedules, selection of the most successful workshop, following the production up to the finished product. I can intervene also on the brand image, the visual identity and the logo.


I began my career in France in various agencies of communication and advertising, as artistic director. Become independent afterward, I focused on the luxury market and the creations for big houses such as HERMES, for whom I designed models of scarf during 9 years.


In Asia since 2011, created my own company, Nat Limited, in Hong Kong.

I realized since diverse missions: insure the follow-up of production of clothes collections and discover so all the clothing production line; create for Chinese and French brands, drawings concepts for scarfs, T-shirts, polos, bags, dishes; design the visual identity of a cosmetics brand (on the Marquet at the moment), create drawings for business presents, create artistic objects for cultural events, etc.

My long experience of the luxury sector has given me a rigorous eye with no compromise on the quality of whatever I deal with.


I travel Asia by discovering its secrets, its traditions and its modern economy. By this I continue to follow the way of the imagination and the journeys. Du to my mobility in Asia and France, I am ready to follow new adventures, during punctual missions or in a long-term post.



Nathalie Vialars



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