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Tea Set

This tea set is going to be a Present for the most important clients of one of the most prestigious Hotel in Hong Kong. This present should be a precious gift that has too represent the high luxurious ambiance of the Hotel and the highest quality of porcelain in China that originally defined porcelain beauty.


China, the place which originally invented and defined porcelain beauty centuries ago. Fine hand-painting on bone china is the medium we choosed. We chose fine bone china for its elegance, durability and ability to carry a broad range of colors from rich, bright shades to earthy muted shades. As a result, fine hand-painting combines with the finest quality bone china to form truly elegant functional art for everyday living.

The high-gloss sheen, fine translucence, and creamy whiteness give bone china an unparalleled look of elegance. Its thin and lightweight body is deceivingly fragile, yet it is very durable.


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