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Passing by Tokyo...

Hermès made ​​a trip here in the future.

The chaotic accumulation of disparate buildings, combining old traditions and Western modernity in a tridimentionel development.


The tiny alternates with colossal in the house of a powerful energetic flow that knows no interruption or pause, while infrastructure anchevêtrement creeps between buildings


The lumen defined by artificial lighting transforms the city into a fantastic vision, shimmering like blazes .


Tokyo may seem immense, uncontrollable indéchifrable, chaotic, disordered in his audacious verticality.

Raised street overlap here and there, like dragons of the Japanese ancient legends, streets and highways spanning the arteries, irregular between huge skyscrapers offices violently illuminated, and dry gardens, scattered shops, and streets suddenly crowded , beautiful little country roads to the point of being absurd.

A labyrinth in which the layout of paths obeys no law.

Tokyo also means safety, efficiency, reliability, fluidity, beauty and virtuality.


A very orderly Chao .

(ref: Tokyo . Livio Sacchi)



Dessin de foulard Hermes Tokyo

Drawing all made by hand, Ink, 95cm/95cm

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